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Creating a new $1.3 billion category

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the challenge

Whitening products were increasing within the oral care category and to meet this demand Colgate wanted to create a new premium, whitening toothpaste that would be as effective as using whitening strips.

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the solution

Colgate's main competitor, P&G, had launched a whitening toothpaste with the strategy of focusing on the technology of teeth whitening.

JAM saw an opportunity to leap-frog this positioning by creating a cosmoceutical strategy for Colgate. Focusing on the efficacy and end results of their new products we enabled Colgate to dominate the category and became the "Beauty" brand within the oral care category.

solution v2.png
OpticWhite innovation 2

the results

Created new $1.3 billion category!

#1 – Colgate-Palmolive surpassed P&G as industry leader!

• "Optic White has taken the industry by storm." – Forbes

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