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A close encounter of the branding kind

alienware challenge v1.png

the challenge

Alienware caters to video game enthusiasts who are in the market for high-performance gaming PCs with striking design. Moving from a direct-sale-via-the-internet business model to one that included retail stores, Alienware approached JAM to develop a brand platform to succeed in this new environment. 


the solution

JAM conducted a review of the company’s forthcoming product designs, and dove into the mind of the gamer's world. 

The result led to the new platform of "Alien Tech," supported through the structure of the packaging and graphic branding. The  “alien” engineering was communicated by incorporating a ghosted illustration of the alien’s eyes, pressing through the packaging surfaces, enhancing the mystique of Alienware’s gaming products.


the results

• The rebranding was a huge success, with sales increasing 30%.

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