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Distilling a unique whisky to separate from the competition

Brenne Solution v2.png

the challenge

Brenne founder, Allison Patel, discovered a unique and exciting whisky in Cognac, 
France. A single malt, organic whisky made from seed-to-spirit at a farm distillery, it is twice distilled and starts its aging in new French Limousin oak barrels. It is then transferred into used Cognac casks for finishing.

The design would have to stand apart from the competition because of the unique distillation process and possess unisex appeal, as conducted taste tests showed both men and women loved the flavor.


the solution

The award winning design leveraged the historic blue color associated with the region of Cognac, France. By combining color with the letterpress type style, JAM built on the visual language of the whisky industry, delivering a unique spin to a traditional drink.

brenne-barley-field v2
Brenne bottles v1

the results

• After a successful launch inventory was sold within the first six months!

• Due to the broad appeal and market penetration the brand was
   acquired by Samson & Surrey

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