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TrekBeds™ was founded by the Sherwood family, entrepreneurs from Jasper, Georgia. TrekBeds™ are reinventing the modern day bed for a new generation of bed and mattress buyers. The incredible ease of setup and breakdown (no tools here!); specially designed small, lightweight components for ease of moving; timeless design and lifetime warranty. The bed is also designed and manufactured from sustainable wood in the USA setting it apart from its direct competitors such as Ikea, CB2 and BoConcept.


The brand identity was dated and didn't support the company's position or reflect its target audience. JAM researched the market and adjacent categories to uncover a positioning which would be more relevant to brand.


A brand identity was developed which took inspiration from the structure of the bed, combining the T and B in a fresh, relevant manor. A new website was developed featuring a sizzle video, highlighting the sustainable American made equity of the brand.

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