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STX is the leader in elite lacrosse handles. STX was seeking handle graphics that would redefine consumer expectations from STX products in the intermediate category. These handles—aimed at middle school boys—are more graphically driven than material driven compared to the rest of their handles. 


JAM was approached and charged with the task of creating graphics for three of the intermediate handles: Stallion 7075/SC (for the diversified/aggressive player), Surgeon 7075/SC (player who cares about precision/accuracy) and K18 (a handle based on famous lacrosse player Kyle Harrison). All three handles had to stand out from competition and feel part of the STX product portfolio.


By looking at trends and analyzing the target market, JAM discovered middle school boys believed social experience and fashion/cool appeal were just as important as the product performance benefit of the handle. Inspired by bold colors and cool imagery, JAM gave each one of the handles a unique look to support the three sub-brand positionings. JAM also created a consistent STX brand architecture on the handles for future line extensions.

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