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Miss Jessie was a proud southern matriarch and reserved her most colorful commentary for two subjects: good food and good grooming. Unable to find a hair product she liked, Miss Jessie used her cooking ingredients to create her own hair-care products, geared primarily to African-American women. Under the direction of her granddaughters, Titi and Miko, the brand was looking to reposition itself to have a broader market appeal.


As a styling aid Miss Jessie’s crèmes, moisturizers and deep conditioning treatments were perfect for all types of hair, especially curly and wavy.By reducing the intensity of the fragrances and focusing the brand to be more premium, Miss Jessie’s would be elevated to a premium salon product that would appeal to a broader demographic.


“The best darned hair product, period”, was the brand message that defined the new identity. The old doily motif was replaced with the new Miss Jessie’s logo and product descriptor band, reminiscent of the world of expensive confectionery. The bright color-coding compliments the brand’s premium architecture, helps segment the range and allows for future line extensions and brand blocking.

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