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Hill’s Science Diet was looking to create a line extension for its current Jerky Strips treats under a “Fun-ctional” positioning as these treats would have a functional end benefit. The two new products would be branded Jump Stix and Yummy Tummy.


JAM knew the current packaging lacked emotional engagement and didn’t convey a sense of fun.  JAM explored adding more energy to the dog on the Jump Stix product as its end benefit was for mobility, and looking at a calmer image of a dog for Yummy Tummy as its end benefit was to aid in digestion.


JAM explored a range of options, however the Hill’s team decided to keep the original design intent with an updated playful logo and image of the dog to support the “Fun-ctional” positioning.  JAM also helped separate the three Flexi-Stix products by color-coding the specific type of meat used in the treats. 

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